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Ayurveda takes 6 months to make big changes from within

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Weight & PCOS Care Combo

Ayurvedic solution for PCOS related weight issues, by treating the root cause

Get Slim Mix
- the goodness of 10 Ayurvedic herbs to achieve weight care from within.

PCOS Care - a powerful blend of 20+ Ayurvedic herbs to naturally manage PCOS in 3 months.

Benefits of the mix: Improves metabolism, regulates hunger pangs, and reduces fat accumulation.

Benefits of the tablets: Regularise menstrual cycles, manage mood swings, and enhance skin health.

For best results, consume regularly & embrace a balanced diet with moderate exercise or daily movement.

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of Weight & PCOS Care Combo

Reduce fat accumulation
Powerful ayurvedic herbs improve the body’s ability to burn thigh & belly fat
Regularise period cycles
100% ayurvedic ingredients support period regularisation
Manage hormonal imbalance
Help reduce hormonal fluctuations and manage mood swings


My issue of PCOS & weight care was reduced with this combination.\
I’m able to digest my food better, and my period flow has improved.
I feel energised with the food I eat now, as my digestion has improved.


  • Garcinia
    Contains Hydroxycitric acid which helps naturally increase serotonin in the brain to reduce hunger pangs the body does not need
  • Green Coffee Beans
    Green Coffee Beans
    Contains Chlorogenic acid, a plant compound aiding weight care.
  • Methika
    Methika helps reduce the size of cysts that line the ovaries
  • Gajar Beej
    Gajar Beej
    Gajar beej aids relieve pain and induces periods naturally without any artificial


Women struggling with weight gain and related symptoms of PCOS/PCOD. PCOS care tablets have been designed for consumers with PCOS who have irregular cycles with scanty flow.


STEP 1: Get Slim Mix

Mix 1 sachet in a glass of water & consume daily, in the afternoon


Consume 1 tablet twice a day, 2 hours after breakfast and dinner

STEP 3: Consume

Consume regularly as per the recommended dosage.<br>Carry these sachets and tablets wherever you go.


Can PCOS be treated with Ayurveda?

Are there any side effects of this product?

Can I consume this if I have a heavy blood flow?

When will I start seeing results?


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