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PCOS Weight Care Combo

Aloe Garcinia Juice:

Within 2 months of regular usage, 95% consumers have noticed benefits in their body related to weight/ body fat issues*

PCOS Care Tablets:

Made using the traditional Bhavana process, these tablets help restore hormonal balance, regularize menstrual cycle and also work effectively to fight the unwanted side effects of PCOS like Hormonal Acne, Weight Gain, Insulin Resistance, etc.


The same can only be used to help users who have issues with a low flow due to PCOS, and not recommended for usage for customers with heavy flow issues.

Combo Benefits- Controls excess hunger pangs, blocks production of new fat, promotes growth of good bacteria in gut and also regularizes periods, manages acne, facial hair & period cramps, 80% likely to reduce the size of cysts in ovaries, Reduces hormonal imbalance. . 

To see the best results, you'd need to adopt a holistic routine with moderate exercise or daily movement, and have a consistent consumption as per the recommended dosage.

*As per an internal study on self-assessment of 100+ Kapiva Aloe Garcinia Juice users

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of PCOS Weight Care Combo


  • Methika
    Methika helps reduce the size of cysts that line the ovaries
  • Kachnar
    Kachnar Helps in balancing hormones.


STEP 1: PCOS Care Tablets

Have 2 PCOS Care Tablets twice a day – after breakfast & lunch

STEP 2: Aloe Garcinia Juice

Dilute 15ml Aloe Garcinia Juice with 250 ml water & have before dinner

STEP 3: Be Consistent

We recommend you consume both regularly & stay hydrated


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When will I start to see results with this juice?

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Who can use PCOS Care Tablets with Aloe Garcinia Juice?

Can I take these tablets if I have a heavy flow?


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