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Wild Amla Juice

Consume for at least 1-2 months everyday to boost immunity.

A natural immunity boosting, herbal juice made with the best quality Amlas that are sourced from Pratapgarh, UP.

Benefits of this juice - strengthens immune system, enhances gut health, combats skin ageing and promotes hair growth.

With high concentration of Vitamin C content, this juice supports easy digestion, improves skin and hair health, and protects against common viral infections like cold and cough. The amlas are cold-pressed, to retain the maximum benefit of the fruit.

To see the best results, consistent consumption of the juice is recommended.

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Goodness of 75 Cold Pressed Amla from Pratagarh, UP Packed in a Bottle

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of Wild Amla Juice

Prevents Hair Fall & Boosts Hair Growth
Strengthens hair follicles, reduces hair fall, boosts hair growth, maintains natural hair color & luster
Improves Skin Health
Improves blood circulation & purification thereby giving a brighter skin
Aids Digestion & Better Gut Health
Rich in fiber, it helps in regulating bowel movements


Ragini Sharma
This juice is extremely nice and pure.. I absolutely love using this daily. My mornings start with amla juice everyday, Thanks Kapiva!
Mr. Rajat Kumar
The only amla juice I trust is of Kapiva.. Can feel pure amlas in this juice and this remains my go to juice for every and any issue
Ms Suchita Thapar
Started using Amla juice since covid for immunity purposes but now realized it's very beneficial for my hair. Purchased other products too from Kapiva only because I love their Amla Juice



    Made with highly nutritious small, fresh, pulpy amlas

    Cold pressed, non heated to retain maximum nutrients

    90% RDA of Daily Vitamin C

    Concentrated, with power of 75 amlas in 1 bottle

    No Added Flavors

    No Added Sugar

  • V/s

    Made with large, dry amlas that lack nutrients

    Machine processed, heated where nutrients are lost

    Low in Vitamin C content

    Low concentration, with less amlas in 1 bottle

    Contains Artificial Flavors

    Contains Artificial Sweeteners

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  • Amla
    Sourced from Pratapgarh, UP, it is a powerhouse of Vitamin C, E, Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Protein, Magnesium, Zinc, Tannins, Bioactive compounds & Phenols


Anybody looking to improve their hair & skin health or wishes to consume Amla Juice as an ayurvedic wonder tonic for their overall health.


STEP 1: Pour & Mix

Mix 20-30ml juice in a glass of water. Add honey/salt/sugar as per taste

STEP 2: Consume

Consume 1-2 times a day, before meals. If taken in the morning, should be 1 hour before breakfast

STEP 3: Personalised Dosage

Dosage may be varied as prescribed by a healthcare professional.


I have diabetes. Can I consume this juice?

I am experiencing heavy hair fall, will this juice help me?

Are there any side effects?

Can we apply this juice on the face directly?

How many times do I need to drink amla juice in a day?

Does amla help in treating acne or improving skin texture?


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