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Ayurveda takes 6 months to make big changes from within

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Dia Free Juice | Diabetes Care

Reduces Blood-Sugar by 30% In Just 3 months* as per a ICMR-compliant clinical study on subjects with Type-2 diabetes

If you are looking for a NATURAL solution to Manage Type-2 Diabetes, Dia Free Juice should be the choice. 

It is a blend of 11 AYURVEDIC herbs selected for their ability to regulate blood glucose and support healthy blood-sugar levels. Our ingredients come from the finest sources and curated by expert-researchers to ensure highest quality and efficacy. These 11 herbs together are more powerful than Karela, Jamun, or Amla Juice and other Ayurvedic Medicines for Diabetes Management.

This Ayurvedic Diabetes Medicine is a perfect addition to your sugar-control diet and can be used alongside regular diabetes medicines to support diabetes-control efforts. 

For best results, Dia Free Juice should be taken along with Dia Foods Green Tea, which is a green tea specially made for people with Type-2 diabetics. When taken after lunch, Dia Foods Green Tea helps maintain energy levels throughout the day and supports reduction of blood sugar.


Helps Maintain Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Proven to Reduce HbA1c levels*

Manages Diabetes Symptoms and Related Ailments

Helps repair pancreatic beta cells 

Improves Insulin Efficiency and Promotes Insulin Secretion

Better Energy Levels

For Best Results Use For At Least 3 Months

*An open-label, single-arm clinical study of Type-2 diabetes patients was conducted and a significant reduction in FBS, PPBS, and HBA1c was observed when consumed over a period of 3 months. Individual results may vary. Please consult with a physician before changing doses of regular diabetes medicines. 

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Now Clinically Proven to reduce blood sugar levels by 30% in just 3 months

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of Dia Free Juice | Diabetes Care

Reduced Blood Sugar
Naturally helps lower Blood Sugar and HbA1c levels on consuming as advised for at least 3 Months
Improves Insulin Performance
Helps regenerate insulin cells and increase insulin production in the body
Prevent complications of Diabetes
Provides support to Body Organs like Kidneys, Heart, etc.


Vinay Patel
With Dia Free Juice I saw my blood sugar level drop significantly from 220 mg/dl to 140 mg/dl. Also, I used to take 30 insulin injections a month, now it's down to 20-24 in a month Age - 42
Divya Daryanani
Because of fluctuations in my sugar levels, I used to feel extreme dizziness and fatigue throughout the day. I tried Dia Free Juice and within 1.5 months my sugar levels got stable and I now feel more energetic and active throughout the day.
Purshottam Bhadja
After using Kapiva Dia Free Juice for just six months, my fasting sugar levels have dropped from ~158mg/dl to `130mg/dl. It has also improved energy levels drastically. Age-61
Harish Darira
I had a lot of Digestion issues because of my Diabetes. I constantly felt heaviness and bloating in my stomach after every meal and this affected my overall health and energy levels.
Rashi Darira
When my Diabetes was first diagnosed my blood sugar levels were 500 mg/dl. Within 4 months of consuming Dia Free Juice, it has now come down to 140-142 mg/dl. Age-67



  • Karela
    Bitter Gourd is beneficial for regulating blood sugar levels. It contains Polypeptide-P which acts like insulin
  • Jamun
    Boosts energy levels with high potassium and antioxidants content
  • Amla
    Regulates carbohydrate metabolism and relieve digestive ailments with high fiber content


People with Type 2 Diabetes looking for a natural solution to lower blood sugar levels


STEP 1: Shake

Shake the bottle well before use.

STEP 2: Mix

Dilute 30ml Dia Free Juice in a glass of water

STEP 3: Sip

Consume twice daily, half an hour before meals. If consumed in the morning, it should be taken on an empty stomach


How long do I have to use the product to start seeing results?

Can I take this with my allopathic diabetes medication?

Are there any side-effects?

Can I stop using my medicines if I take Dia Free Juice

Should I talk to a doctor before taking Dia Free Juice?

Can Dia Free Juice be taken with Karela Jamun Juice?


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