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Organic Gulkand

To maintain a healthy gut, take a spoonful of Organic Gulkand post-meal.

Gulkand has natural cooling properties, which also relieves acidity & heartburn, removes toxins from the body, thereby providing clear skin.

This Gulkand does not contain any extracts, but rather is made from a mixture of fresh roses to maximize nutritional benefits.

Benefits of Organic Gulkand - It helps maintain a healthy gut, relieves acidity & heartburn, and removes toxins from the body, thereby providing clear skin.

Relieve your digestive problems with Kapiva Organic Gulkand which contains fresh pink roses from the hills of Pushkar, Rajasthan.

To see the best results, regular consumption is recommended.

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100% Natural, 0% Preservatives, Made from Indian Sun-Cooked Damask Rose

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of Organic Gulkand

Helps relieve acidity & stomach burns
Pacifies pitta & excessive body heat
Helps in treating constipation
Acts a mild laxative to treat irritated bowel
Helps in removing toxins
As a natural coolant, helps in detoxifying the body


Yashika Thapar
I love gulkand after my heavy meals.. Always helps in digestion. No more acidity issues!
Kavita Singh
My home always has a bottle of gulkand.. All of us love having it with our meals for healthy happy tummy
Sharmila Das
So pure flavor.. This gulkand is best with no preservatives and harmful chemicals. Definitely buy it


  • Indian Damask Rose
    Indian Damask Rose
    Damask rose, the most edible & fragrant rose, is used for relieving acidity, soothing & cleansing the body, it is rich in vitamins & antioxidants
  • Organic Mishri
    Organic Mishri
    Mishri as it is not processed contains vitamins & minerals and is much better than refined sugar


Anybody who is looking to pacify pitta dosha & heat in their body to improve acidity, overall digestion and inculcate Gulkand as a natural coolant in their daily diet


STEP 1: Consume

Consume as it is

STEP 2: Mix

Mixed with fennel seeds as a mouth freshener

STEP 3: Drink

Mix it with milk to make Kapiva Gulkand Milk


What is the shelf life of Gulkand?

How can I use Gulkand?

Are there any preservatives added in this Gulkand?

What are the benefits of Gulkand?

What are the ingredients used in Gulkand?

Does it contain fresh rose petals or extracts?


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