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Ayurveda takes 6 months to make big changes from within

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Skin Foods Glow Mix | For Glowing & Healthy Skin

Glow Mix fades dark spots, pigmentation & makes skin radiant, even toned with 4 months of consistent use (Trusted by 50,000 users)

Ingredients like Rose, Pomegranate, Shatavari and Mulethi help boost collagen, glutathione and hyaluronic acid naturally.

Results to look for with Glow Mix:

Month 1 - Skin Detox & Nutrition
Improvement in gut health & skin nutrition with essential vitamins & minerals

Month 2 - Skin Hydration
Improvement in hydration levels & hyaluronic acid

Month 3 - Collagen Boost
Improvement in skin texture, elasticity, and collagen levels

Month 4 - Pigmentation Fading
Increased skin brightness leading to fading of pigmentation & dark spots*

*Continue usage beyond 4 months to gradually see healthy & glowing skin

To see visible results in 2 months, include our Kumkumadi Glow Face Oil in your skincare regime along with a quality cleanser and sunscreen.

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Reduces Dark Spots & Gives Glowing Skin Naturally in 4 Months!

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of Skin Foods Glow Mix | For Glowing & Healthy Skin

Fades Pigmentation & Dark Spots
Controls melanin production in the body
Helps Promote Radiant Skin
Reduces skin dullness by boosting collagen, glutathione & hyaluronic acid
Helps Boost Collagen
Improves skin elasticity by boosting collagen, hyaluronic acid & glutathione


Ena Gupta
I had been struggling for years with dark spots. After incorporating this in my diet, my skin has transformed for the better.
Sanya Saraf
I consumed Glow Mix for 2 months and noticed improved hydration, followed by clear & glowing skin after using it for another 2 months.
Shefali Bheda
After a month of using this, I began experiencing improved gut health & skin nourishment.
So happy I trusted this natural skin supplement as it has helped improve my skin texture with 3 months of consumption. I continue to use it for healthier skin.
My skin used to look very dull and tired. After consuming this beyond 4 months, it shines and is healthy.
Best supplement so far for healthier skin with a natural glow.



  • Rose
    Rich in polyphenols to reduce UV induced skin damage & promotes collagen production
  • Shatavari
    Also known as asparagus, it helps in increasing glutathione synthesis for natural skin glow and brighter looking skin
  • Pomegranate
    Helps in increasing hyaluronic acid to reduce pigmentation
  • Mulethi
    Used as a rare Ayurvedic herbs, licorice extracts helps reducing dark spots


Anyone looking to get natural & healthy skin glow with the right nutrition.


STEP 1: First 4 days

Consume half the sachet with 100ml water

STEP 2: Post 4 days

Consume one sachet with 100ml water

STEP 3: Consistency

Consume daily, post lunch for at least 4 months.


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