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Tulsi Anti-Acne Serum

Natural Serum to Reduce Acne & Acne Marks.

Helps in controlling excess oil production on the face, thereby reducing appearance of new acne.
Made with Panch Tulsi, Manjistha, Neem, Mulethi and 6+ ayurvedic herbs, it helps you achieve clean and clear skin.

Benefits of Tulsi Anti Acne Serum - It helps to fight acne, provides clear skin, reduces sebum production, eliminates acne marks and blemishes, and strengthens skin barriers.

To see best results, use the Tulsi Anti Acne Serum daily in morning and at night.

For faster results and acne treatment, we recommend Tulsi Anti Acne Serum + Acne Ease Fizz to treat acne from within.

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₹1148₹999(13% OFF)

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Reduces active acne in 2 weeks!*

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of Tulsi Anti-Acne Serum

Fights Active Acne
The antimicrobial properties present in this serum help in combating acne causing microorganisms and help reduce the redness and skin irritation due to acne.
Reduces Acne Marks & Blemishes
It helps reduce acne scars, blemishes, moisturises, and hydrates the skin from the inside that helps in improving your skin health.
Controls Sebum Production
The potent sebum-normalising abilities prevent excessive sebum production without destroying the protecting surface layer of the skin.


Neena Sahni
I have used this serum and it's absolutely effective on acne and marks.. active acne is less now
Ritu Singh
Better than salicylic acid serums in the market, it is a natural serum for acne - A must try for all
Aashi S
Cooling and lightweight serum for acne.. feels good on skin !
Leena Tyagi
I have suffered from painful acne, this serum helped in cooling down acne, marks also lightened
Saba A
Good for stubborn acne marks, takes times to see results but other skincare products are no miracle!
Divya Shukla
Doctor recommended this serum for acne, does not cause dryness or irritation and very soothing on the skin


  • Tulsi
    Has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce skin redness & irritation by acne
  • Manjistha
    Has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant & anti-androgen action
  • Mulethi
    Has Glycyrrhizin with antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, & antimicrobial properties


Anyone who is looking to reduce active acne along with acne scars naturally.


STEP 1: Cleanse

Cleanse your face thoroughly before application

STEP 2: Apply

Apply* 4-5 drops on acne prone & affected area. *Disclaimer: Please do a patch test before application on sensitive skin.

STEP 3: Recommended Usage

Apply twice daily, morning & night. For best results, apply sunscreen post serum application.


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Does this product contain any chemical actives?

Is this serum to be applied on the entire face or only on active acne?

Can teenagers with acne apply this serum?

For how long do I have to use this serum?


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