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Tulsi Hair Serum

Tulsi Hair Serum

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Use for 3 months regularly for hair growth

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How this product works

  • Contains 5 clinically proven natural ingredients to reduce hair fall by 30% in just 3 months*.
Nitesh Pandey

Nitesh Pandey

Nitesh Pandey

Everytime I used to take a bath and comb my hair, some hair strands used to fall out. Now its been 2 months since im using this hair serum my hair fall has completely stopped

Visible Hair Growth in 3 months

✔️ Choose Tulsi Hair Growth Serum as:

 • It is a natural solution to reduce hair fall and increase hair growth.
 • It is Minoxidil- free, made without chemicals and 100% Ayurvedic.

✔️ Benefits:

 • Strengthens hair follicles
 • Enhances scalp health
 • Helps restore hair volume
 • Provides nutrition to the scalp

✔️ For best results:
Use at least for 4 months.

✔️ Disclaimer:
*Composition of herbs known to have similar action compared to 1% minoxidil used in specific concentration backed by scientific research.

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of Tulsi Hair Serum

Strengthens Hair Follicles
Provides nutrition to the hair follicles that strengthens the roots.
Reduces Hair Thinning
Treats a variety of scalp issues such as dryness, hairfall and dandruff which reduces hair thinning by treating scalp and providing nourishment.
Increases Hair Growth
Stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and hair follicles, which increases hair growth.



Tulsi Hair Serum


Apply Few Drops on scalp

*Dosage is customised on the basis of your concern


STEP 1: Use the dropper

Apply a few drops of the tulsi hair growth serum directly on a non-oily scalp

STEP 2: Massage

Gently massage it with your fingertips for 4-5 mins

STEP 3: Recommended Application

Apply daily after a hair wash, or before sleeping


  • Tulsi
    Packed with vitamins, minerals & phytonutrients, tulsi rejuvenates the hair follicles and strengthens the root, which helps reduce hair fall & promotes hair growth.
  • Ginger
    Ginger contains vitamins and fatty acids that contribute to strengthening hair strands and restoring lost moisture from the scalp.
  • Jatamansi
    Himalayan Ayurvedic herb that helps control scalp dryness and promotes hair growth.


Men facing early hair fall signs and who want to help prevent hair fall.


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