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Skin Foods Glow Mix & Aloe Vera Juice - Holistic Skin Care Combo

Want unreal glowing skin? Kapiva Skin Foods Glow Mix + Kapiva Aloe Vera Juice combo transforms your skin from the inside-out, works by hydrating your skin and healthifying your gut with its Ayurvedic formulations.

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of Skin Foods Glow Mix & Aloe Vera Juice - Holistic Skin Care Combo


  • Rose
    Rich in polyphenols to reduce UV induced skin damage & promotes collagen production
  • Pomegranate
    Pomegranate is rich in Vitamin C, that helps in boosting collagen production, and fights hyperpigmentation
  • Shatavari
    Also known as asparagus, it helps in increasing glutathione synthesis for natural skin glow and brighter looking skin
  • Aloe Vera
    Aloe Vera
    It is very well-known for providing skin benefits. It helps in skin hydration, has anti-inflammatory properties, and boosts overall skin health. It contains 75 active constituents like vitamins, minerals, salicylic acid, etc


STEP 1: Shake & Pour

Shake Aloe Vera juice bottle before use & mix 30 ML in 30 – 50 ML water.

STEP 2: Tear & Mix

Open 1 sachet of Kapiva Skin Glow Mix & Mix with 100ml milk or water.

STEP 3: Drink

Drink Glow Mix after lunch and Aloe Vera juice empty stomach daily.


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