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Raw Honey (Madhu) 500g

Consistent consumption of Raw Honey helps build immunity & fight infections.

Neither pasteurized, nor heated or processed, Kapiva’s Raw Honey is 100% natural. It contains the best of antioxidants, minerals and enzymes for maximum health & nutrition.

Benefits of Raw Honey - Nourishes the skin & promotes the growth of new cells, boosts energy levels, aids in healthy weight loss, helps build immunity.
100% natural and extracted directly from forests, not farms.

To see best results, regular consumption of Kapiva's Raw Honey is recommended.

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100% natural and extracted directly from forests, not farms.

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of Raw Honey (Madhu) 500g

Increases Immunity
Helps build immunity and also fights infections
Supports healthy weight loss
Assists in reducing weight along with the required nutrition
Nourishes the skin
Provides nutrition to the sin and promotes growth of new skin cells


Ankita Mondal
I have been using this honey for over a year now and completely replaced my sugar consumption with it. balance my weight with the proper nutrition. Would totally recommend it.
Shashank Kumar
The taste is really good and helps in building my immunity and provides a good digestive system.
Jai Pranjal
The taste is really very good,without any extra sugar and Truly Raw honey at best!


  • Honey
    Procured from the dense forest of the Himalayan foothills, unfiltered wild honey works as a great antibacterial agent. It also has a delightfully sweet taste.


All men, women and children can consume Raw Honey


STEP 1: Breakfast Essentials

Spread it on your morning toast and consume on empty stomach

STEP 2: Healthy Substitute

Add it to your cup of green tea as a natural sweetener.

STEP 3: Healthy Mix

Mix into your bowl of yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal.


Is there any added sugar, preservatives or colour in this honey?

Why is there a colour change in different batches of Honey?

Why does the honey crystallize?


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